Our Goat Milk Soaps

Why make goat milk soap? Goat milk has many qualities for nourishing the skin giving it a         healthy and younger look. Goat Milk contains alpha hydroxy acids that help to shed away oid   dull cells helping to make the skin look smoother and younger. Goat milk is natural and       doesn't contain the harsh chemicals of the commercial soaps. Goat milk has a high fat content through out the milk that acts to morturize by softening  and soothing dry skin. It contains vitimins D, C, B1, B6, B12 and E that are absorbed and nourish or skin. Goat Milk soap has antibiotic properties that can help with acne related skin problems. 

At the Lazy B we use only the best vegetable oils and butters in making our soaps. Some are organic. We  make our own herbal infused oils by using many of our own herbs to use in our soaps. The infusion process can be done by placing the herbs, mostly dried, in the oils and allowing them to sit long periods of time or by using a faster method of heating the oils at a low tempature with the herbs in allowing the properties to seep into the oil faster. We prefer the non- heating method although we have used both.
Because we use only our own 100% goat milk, we know what goes into it. We never use powdered or add water to our milk. It contains all the wonderful qualities described above. We use food grade lye to cause the chemical reaction for making the soap.  Natural essencial oils, combinations of essencial oils or fragerance oils are used to scent the soaps. We use both to cater to all our customers. We also make unscented goat milk soaps. Sometimes we like to add organic ground oatmeal or orange peel to give the soap some exfoliating properties.